About Us

“To create beauty & share it with the world – there’s no better thing in life”

Me – Christine… with our quilts


My name is Christine and I’m the one behind the curtains (quilts) here at this small cute shop.

I’m thankful you’re here, and that means at least three things:

1 – that you love fine things in life
2 – that you’re a creative soul, just like me
3 – that you’ve found my work interesting

Which means we’re perfect fit!

If you like this stuff, my store will be a perfect place for you. I’ve managed to collect hundreds of design ideas and creative patterns, emblems, and images over time, and I’ve never had a chance to utilize them somewhere, until this little project came to life. I’ve only had dozens of my own creations on paper, and a loft with no more space for art stuff.

My friends in China brought me to a company where my designs can be utilized, and I got amazed by the idea. The idea of putting beautiful work on quilts & comforters is something I never thought about before. Now, after I’ve seen what’s possible with the today’s tech capabilities these companies can offer, I’m amazed.

Did you ever see a quilt like this?

Yup, this is regular Humpine quilt, now very popular on the market. I love it so much because it is one of my first designs ever to be applied on a quilt.

When it was done (the company does everything very precise, and with utmost attention to details) I couldn’t resist the urge to have it in my bedroom!

Simply said, the sensation this product brought to me was out of this world. I’ve never imagined that I could have my creativity on an item such as this.

And it goes even better…

The people around the world are feeling like this too!

Everyone who gets in touch with Humpine quilts shares the sensation of the premium exclusivity, and finest touch, accompanied by my designs. I am so happy to see it, and that this little project of mine turned into a business which changes lives around the world.

I won’t brag it myself – I’ll just let our customers do the talking:

Jenny, Houston, TX

“Love Love Love this quilt!
Honestly, I was a bit skeptical at first, and couldn’t take the plunge. But after a few days, I couldn’t stop coming back to the site to look at the quilt again and again. Then I got in touch with Christine, and she even gave me a discount. I couldn’t resist it anymore. Now, I’m the happiest owner of the best quilt in the world! ”

Mark, New York, NY

“I received a quilt with celtic runes which I love the most from a very close friend of mine. I went ballistic on how amazing gift this is. I simply had to know where he found this amazing stuff, and how much does it cost. He showed me Humpine quilts and I couldn’t believe that I didn’t know about these before. I’ve ordered 10 for my Celtic brotherhood group, and couldn’t wait to surprise them!”

Camilla, Las Vegas, NV

“I’m using this quilt as a wallpaper. I simply don’t care – it looks so amazing that I had to have it, and honestly – it’s even better in person than on the images. LOVE THIS STUFF.”

Creativity speaks a thousand languages. Sharing it with the world makes it a better place.

Humpine quilts aren’t typical.

Nor ordinary.

I’m making these to impact people’s lives, and so far, I’m having a blast doing it!

Join me on this journey of making a world a better place!

Get a Humpine quilt today and start enjoying!